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Horizontal Progressive Cavity Pump


Tuskin Horizontal Mount Progressive Cavity Pump

PCA Pumps


• Adaptable mounting design accommodates most controls
• Simple design for effortless cleaning and low maintenance
• Pumps light, heavy or viscous fluids
• Repeatable Accuracy
• Portable, lightweight and durable
• Pump is available in 4 sizes

The ADD*FLO series Progressive Cavity Pump is of a simple design with a single moving part. There is no reciprocating motion and no vibration. The need for check valves is eliminated.   ADD*FLO series pumps can easily pump any pourable liquid ranging from zero viscosity to 100,000 centipoise. The engineering of the pump prevents clogging from viscous or heavily loaded liquids. Accuracy is within one hundredth of a gram whether pumping drops or high volumes of liquid.

The ADD*FLO Progressive Cavity Pump accommodates speed ranges from one to 1200 RPMs, depending upon the design of the drive. It has an easily adaptable mounting design which can accommodate a wide variety of control configurations.  The ADD*FLO pump by Tuskin can be custom engineered to fit any special application including pressures up to 400 psi and temperatures up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Horizontal pumps come in two coupling configurations for connecting to the motor/control system.  The “H” style pump uses a motor coupling and the “HP” style pump uses a gear coupling.  Review the chart to select the correct size or contact us for assistance.


Order with the TC-101 Control to complete your liquid metering pump system.

H-style progressive cavity pump with TC-101 Control (P1031-PC)





HP-style progressive cavity pump shown with TC-101 Control (P1031-RS) and bracket (10005HP)






Part# Size Flow Rate * (ml/rev) Rotation Coupling
P1140-H 0.25 0.61 ml counter clockwise Motor
P1140-HP 0.25 0.61 ml counter clockwise Gear
P1141-H 0.05 0.23 ml counter clockwise Motor
P1141-HP 0.05 0.23 ml counter clockwise Gear
P1136-H 1 2.12 ml clockwise Motor
P1136-HP 1 2.12 ml clockwise Gear
P1137-H 2 9.84 ml clockwise Motor
P1137-HP 2 9.84 ml clockwise Gear
P1138-H 3 30.21 ml clockwise Motor
P1138-HP 3 30.21 ml clockwise Gear

* Flow Rates calculated using water.  Increasing viscosity reduces flow rate.





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