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Liquid Color Pump Cart with Tuskin Peristaltic Pump


Tuskin Pump Cart


Tuskin liquid color pump carts are designed specifically for the 5-gallon bucket configuration.  By using gravity to feed material to the inlet of the liquid dosing pump, thick materials are much easier to pump. The design of the pump cart will securely hold the bucket at an optimum angle.  The bucket can also be placed upside down.

Our pump cart is compact and will easily fit anywhere.  Heavy buckets only need to be lifted a short distance to set them in place.  We have designed our pump cart so that tipping is difficult for your safety.  A cutout on the bottom tray easily accommodates Horizontal Progressive Cavity pumps.  Designed for industrial use, these pump carts feature heavy-duty steel construction and large 3-inch, hard-rubber casters.  For extra mobility, all four casters swivel.

To complete your liquid metering system, order the pump cart with the Tuskin TC-101 Liquid Color Pump and our quality tube assemblies.


Part # Description
P1075 Pump Cart – Single




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