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Adapter Plates & Injection Nozzles

Adapter Plates & Injection Nozzles


Liquid Color Adapter Plate 

The Adapter Plate easily provides a port to inject liquid colorant over an existing mixing screw.  The Adapter Plate consists of a 12x12x3/4-inch square with a 3-inch center hole and a copper tube with a 90 degree bend.  The plate is installed between the feed throat and the hopper.  Mounting holes should be drilled on site to match the hopper bolt pattern. The delivery hose is inserted through the copper tube positioning the tube end in the forward portion of the throat and 1/2 to 1 inch directly over the down side of the screw.  Custom sizes are available.



Injection Nozzles

The Injection Nozzle is used for injecting liquid colorant or additives into the throat of the machine.  It can be used with or without an adapter plate.


Injection Nozzle Assembly



Injection Nozzle







Part # Description Nozzle Length
P2620 Liquid Color Adapter Plate with Copper Tube N/a
Injection Nozzles
P2610 Injection Nozzle Assembly 6”
P2611 Injection Nozzle (Nozzle only) 6”
P2612 Injection Nozzle Assembly and Injection Plate (Specs supplied by Customer – submit Adapter Plate, Custom Dimensions Form.pdf ) 6”
P2613 Injection Nozzle – cut to suit (Nozzle only) 9”


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